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Bussana vecchia

Bussana vecchia

During the 8th and 9th centuries, the frequent Saracen attacks drove the coastal population further inland, to the area where Bussana Vecchia stands today. Over the course of time, the land fell under the control of first the Counts of Ventimiglia, then the Genoese Podestà and finally the Savoy Monarchy. The area was struck by earthquakes on several occasions, the most powerful being on 23/02/1887, which caused 54 victims out of an overall population of 820 inhabitants. The settlement was abandoned; the survivors moved first into huts outside the village for a period of time, and then a few years later further down to found the town of Bussana. Access to the old settlement was completely cut off. In the immediate aftermath of the second world war, the village became a haven for bandits and criminals, until the 1960s, when this wild little place which had been forgotten by the world was discovered by artists, who, little by little, restored the less dilapidated buildings with materials salvaged from the ruins, opened their studios and breathed life into it once again. The instigator of this renaissance was Mario Giani (known as Clizia to the art world), who visited Bussana Vecchia in the late 1950s and conceived the idea of founding an International Artist Colony. Despite the logistical challenges, his idea took shape and has brought this ghost town back to life. The village is packed with the studios of artists from both Italy and abroad, of whom some still live here, others having visited in search of inspiration for their work.



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